IFE Business School understands the need for sound governance, not only for the optimization of its resources but also to ensure the maximization of stakeholder’s value. To this end, the School has therefore established a governance structure with clearly defined strategic objectives to manage the affairs of the School. IFE Business School has brought together distinguished industry leaders and eminent personalities with impeccable and unimpeachable character within and outside Nigeria who are fully committed to the goals and objectives of the School, to serve on the boards of the School.  The governing bodies are as follows:

IBS benefits from the thoughtful guidance and direction provided by the Advisory Council which is made up of distinguished group of elder-statesmen, industry leaders and traditional rulers who have made a mark in their respective callings and contributed immensely to the developments of their constituencies and Nigeria. Membership of the Council are Patrons of the Institution who are committed to the advancement of the School’s strategic objectives. The Council plays an advisory role and helps to maintain the School’s excellence, advance business partnerships, research opportunities and financial support.

The Board of Governors is made up of distinguished academics and business executives who epitomize the School’s commitment to integrity. The Board of Governors assists the School to secure and maintain funding from internal and external sources and enhance the reputation and profile of the School in the media and business community. The Board ensures that the School is a going concern, members of the Board including the Chairman are appointed for a renewable period of Three (3) years.

The School is driven by the Board of Directors which exercises oversight over the School’s operation. The Board is made up of eminent professionals who have made a landmark in their respective fields of endeavor, thereby bringing several years of experience to bear on the Institution. The directors are shareholders who bring both intellectual and financial investment to the School; the Board employs interactive dialogue to ensure the proper management of the School on a regular basis. The Board is responsible for the administration and management of the School.

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