The Centre for Leadership and Development (CLD) was established in 2012 by IFE Business School as a Centre
of excellence for leadership development to promote sustainable and highly-skilled professional leadership
capacity which consistently meets the needs of the community it serves. The CLD is envisioned to equip leaders
across all sectors with the competence needed to succeed in multifaceted and multicultural organizations.
As the pace of globalization and competition accelerates, building sophisticated organizational leadership
capacity is becoming an increasingly critical foundation for achieving and maintaining sustainable competitive
advantages. The Centre for Leadership and Development at the IFE Business School is committed to becoming
an internationally recognized centre for leadership development, research and training by providing leaders
with the skills required to positively and effectively transform their organizations and the society. The Centre
advances the understanding, practice and development of leadership and governance for the benefit of
societies across the globe and encourages interdisciplinary exchange in order to bridge the gap between
scholarship and practice. The Centre aims at:
• Creating an environment that fosters excellence; where current and future leaders are trained with
special attention to imbue in them skills required to enhance their leadership delivery in a fast changing,
interrelated and multifaceted world.
• Providing a forum where young leaders are prepared for the leadership challenges of the future; scholars
engage in research issues relating to leadership and governance across multiple disciplines, and
experienced leaders share diverse insights into issues.
• Providing a range of services, programs and events designed to stimulate and promote high
performance of leaders in the Nigerian public and private sector, in line with the globalised best practice.

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